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Swatched! Vintage Misa Turquoise

I remember back before the indie market existed, salon brands were pretty much the bee’s knees when it came to nail polish. They dictated the trends, the classics, and the frenzies, and Misa used to be right amongst it. Nowadays, I barely see new Misa collections on polish blogs and I often find myself wondering what they are up to, and why they seem to have faded into obscurity.

Vintage Misa Turquoise - Pretty Random

Today’s Green September polish is Misa Turquoise, from my vintage white cap collection, which was authenticated for me by the people at Misa. I have a large collection of these, which came from the UK so I am glad I got Misa to confirm that they aren’t fake! When I first got into nail polish collecting around 2007, Misa had already switched to the black pad print/black cap combo that they have today – not sure when they made the actual switch but Misa’s customer service rep dated these at around 1995, which is pretty awesome!

Vintage Misa Turquoise - Pretty Random

Misa Turquoise is one of a series of glitter jellies that I own (along with Ruby Red, Fuschia Flash, Violet Magic, Pewter and Midnight Sky. Unfortunately Emerald Sea still eludes me! I’d love to know if there are any more glitters that I am missing, but these are so rare! I have no real way of knowing.

Vintage Misa Turquoise - Pretty Random

I was pleasantly surprised by the formula, and even though I still needed three coats and there is still minor VNL in direct light, application was smooth and easy and the bottom layer had started to dry by the time I removed the swatch. The jelly base is well pigmented without being too dark, and the combination of silver micro-glitter and larger turquoise hex gives this a surprisingly sophisticated depth for its age. Usually, older glitter polishes tend to have one size and/or colour, but this is really much more interesting and would have been quite innovative back in 1995 (we’re talking pre Hard Candy/Urban Decay here).

Vintage Misa Turquoise - Pretty Random

Turquoise is one of my favourite vintage Misa shades, and you should all definitely snap up any white cap Misa’s you come across because they are seriously great! And let me know if you discover any more old Misa glitters!

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