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Top Ten Polishes I Hope to Find in 2015

It’s that wonderful time of the year again! No, not Christmas (although that is wonderful), it’s the time when I do my monster, epic 2014 year in review post that has become an institution here at Pretty Random. Being a new mum in 2014 and also being very busy with my spectacular nail polish line Pretty Serious has seen Pretty Random suffer greatly with a lack of posts (something I hope to remedy in 2015) but this is one post that I will never miss, no matter how long it takes me to get it done.

This is my sixth wish list post, can you guys believe it? If you want to check out previous years, here is 2014201320122011 and 2010. (2011 only has ONE polish left holy moly!)

While compiling this post and taking all the photos, I gotta say, I got a little teary when I realised just how many polishes I crossed off my list this year. Want to know the magic number? TWELVE! That’s right, with your generous help, my dear friends, I decimated the equivalent of an entire list and more, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Really, you guys are amazing.

With each year that passes, I must admit that I get a tad worried about some of the older shades on my lists – some of them are getting near on impossible to find, but you know me – I’m not about to give up. These lists have proved to me over and over that they’ll all find their way home eventually and I look forward to ticking more boxes again in 2015. So let’s get on with it and take a look at some of the non-list vintage beauties I picked up this year.


L'Oreal Disco Black Radiance Seeing Green Misa Embroidered Emerald
Covergirl IceSlicks Amethice OPI Midnight Blue Glitter Dior Sparkling Blueberry
OPI DS Royal Revlon Va-Va Bloom Hard Candy Flash, After Hours & Peepshow
Sally Hansen Magical Holos (Canada) Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily Sally Hansen Doomed, Ominous, Haunted (CAN)
Revlon Diamonds Are Forever & Goldeneye Sally Hansen Ghoulish Green (Variant) & Silver Slingblade OPI Movin' Out
Streetwear Dreidel Covergirl Purplexed Spectacular Duochromes
Streetwear Sexy & Funky Dior #394 Revlon Brrberry
Covergirl Crackle Boo NailGear Scandal L'Oreal Stiletto
Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch & Champagne Shimmer Revlon Color Illusion Crimson Sparkle & Pink Prism
1. L’Oreal Disco. 2.Black Radiance Seeing Green. 3. Misa Embroidered Emerald. 4.Covergirl IceSlicks Amethice. 5. OPI Midnight Blue Glitter. 6. Dior Sparkling Blueberry. 7. OPI DS Royal. 8. Revlon Va-Va Bloom. 9. Hard Candy Flash, After Hours & Peepshow. 10. Sally Hansen Magical Holos (Canada). 11. Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily. 12. Sally Hansen Doomed, Ominous, Haunted (CAN). 13. Revlon Diamonds Are Forever & Goldeneye. 14. Sally Hansen Ghoulish Green (Variant) & Silver Slingblade. 15. OPI Movin’ Out. 16. Streetwear Dreidel. 17. Covergirl Purplexed. 18. Spectacular Duochromes. 19. Streetwear Sexy & Funky. 20. Dior #394. 21. Revlon Brrberry. 22. Covergirl Crackle Boo. 23. NailGear Scandal. 24. L’Oreal Stiletto. 25. Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch & Champagne Shimmer. 26. Revlon Color Illusion Crimson Sparkle & Pink Prism.


Now that we’ve had a peek at those, let’s take a look at what we crossed off the list! Deep breaths everyone…..


Illamasqua Gothiqua Precision Poison Ivy
Illamasqua Gothiqua (2014 List), Precision Poison Ivy (2014 List)
Spectacular Columbia Spectacular Janet Schmanet
Spectacular Columbia (2014 List), Spectacular Janet Schmanet(2014 List)
Chanel Iridescent OPI Tequila Limelight
Chanel Iridescent (2013 List), OPI Tequila Limelight (2013 List)
Chanel Mythe Revlon CherryZing
Chanel Mythe (2013 List), Revlon CherryZing (2012 List)
Milani Hot Metal Streetwear Hippy Dippy
Milani Hot Metal (2011 List), Streetwear Hippy Dippy (2011 List)
Chanel Black Velvet Hard Candy Sellout
Chanel Black Velvet (2011 List), Hard Candy Sellout (2010 List)
Milani Melt In The Sun (2011 List), Mavala Pygmee (2011 List).
To all the incredible people who helped these polishes find their way to me, thank you. I hope karma smiles upon you thousandfold and all your lemmings find their way home to you this year. I am touched by the generosity of the amazing people I have met through the years and time after time you keep reminding me that the spirit of kindness is still very much alive.

With my blubs and gushing now out of the way, how about we take a look at this year’s wishlist items? Without further ado, here are my TOP TEN POLISHES I HOPE TO FIND IN 2015!


(photo credit Polished Claws UpAlice in Wondernails)
These date back from 2002’s Die Another Day, when Halle Berry was both a Bond Girl and Revlon Spokeswoman. There were four shades released, Diamonds Are Forever, Goldeneye, The Spy Who Loved Me and From Russia With Love. I picked up Diamonds are Forever (a silver foil) and Goldeneye (a golden glass-fleck jelly) in 2014 but I am still looking for The Spy Who Loved Me (pink foil) and From Russia With Love (red glass fleck jelly – looks a lot like Chanel Nirvana).


I have a pretty sizable vintage Sally Hansen collection and even more impressive is the amount of Christmas and Halloween polishes I own, but sadly I still have a few holes in my collection. One of those being Hard as Nails in Santa. I don’t know the exact year for this one (I don’t know the code either, but I assume it’s from the same collection as Holly Daze, Jingle Belle, Sugar Plum and Yule Rule from the glitter style. I’d place them mid to late 90’s in terms of age. I’m still on the lookout for Jingle Belle from last years list as well.


(photo credit Polished Claws Up)
The Bonne Bell/Smackers polish line is relatively new-vintage to me. I never owned any when I was younger and I don’t recall them being sold here in Australia but over the last 18 months or so I have amassed a pretty sizable collection of them in an array of fantastic colours. But Blueberry Blast has eluded me. You all know how much of a sucker I am for a night sky shade, so on the wishlist this one goes.


(photo credit Makeup Alley)
I feel like it’s a crime as a vintage polish collector that I don’t own any Liquid Euphoria. Not even one. In 2015, I would like to remedy that and pick up at least one of these chameleon beauties. Can you believe these were once cheapies sold at Hot Topic?


(photo credit:
I have officially lost count of the amount of Streetwear polishes I own. I know the number is ridiculous, but I have no idea what it is. And as a vintage polish collector, what excites me is that there is STILL MORE. Last year I found a couple I had never even seen before (Wicked Wish!) and there are still shades that I know exist but I have never seen anywhere. Now that the incredible Hippy Dippy is off the wishlist, I thought I might step it up a notch and add Krypton (a vibrant green creme) and Lava, which I have never even seen. Side note: I started drafting this post around June and the polish that was originally in the number 5 spot was Streetwear Dreidel. Which I now own. Go me!



(photo credit: My Lucid Bubble)
Yes, yes I can hear you. Doesn’t this look like a zillion other night sky polishes that you already own? Yes. Yes, it does. But I don’t own this one. And I want to own this one. It seems silly to give a spot to a polish that is potentially duped a hundred times over in my stash, but I’m a tad insane when it comes to these kinds of polishes. I have been searching for this polish for years, but I never see it pop up anywhere. Unfortunately, the sparkly vampire movies have made searching for this polish even more difficult. Perhaps this year is my year. Are you listening, Jessica?


(photo credit – Polished Claws Up)
Seriously Revlon. Stop reusing names. It makes my life SO HARD. While it is a Revlon shade I am after, and it is named Charmed, and it is kind of orange, it’s NOT THIS ONE. It is in fact a weird sort of browny clay colour with a weird green shimmer. It’s ugly. I love it. I also wonder how it compares to SH Chill Frost. Definitely same family of icky though. I just realised this looks kind of similar to one of my own polishes! Pretty Serious Martian Sea!


(photo credit –
Streamers is still on my wishlist from 2010 and I am starting to feel like this Japanese exclusive Essie trio from 2007 might forever be a single in my collection. I have seen Ticker Tape pop up once on eBay, but sadly missed the buy it now. I’m adding it to the wishlist for this year because Confetti is really, really lonely. Confetti needs its bro’s. Come home Ticker Tape and Streamers.



Revlon SexyZing Revlon SexyZing

While I’m not entirely certain, I think this might be the last unknown Zing from the European Zing collection. The name fits with the other five, and there’s also no orange/red in the collection. My US Zing collection is now complete, so here’s hoping I find my SexyZing (in the regular bottle!) and VelvetZing in 2015.


(Far Right – photo credit – The Scholarly Nail)
I have an almost complete Express Finish Glitter collection, but Planet Purple has eluded me. In fact, the only place I have EVER seen it ever has been on Jacqui’s blog. The last item in a collection can be so so frustrating!

Here’s what’s left from the last five years’ lists (fingers crossed especially for Illamasqua Hiss this year! Then bye bye 2011 list!)


Revlon Black Strobe (2010)
Essie Streamers (2010) FOUND 2015!
OPI Yosemite (2010)

L’Oreal 290 Acqua (2010)

Illamasqua Hiss (2011)

Lancome Jazzy (2012)
Color Club Precious Gifts (2012)
CM Enchanted Forest (2012)
Nars After Dark (2012)
Orly Cool Cucumber (2012)
Chanel Nirvana (2012) FOUND 2015!
Color Club Black Widow Aqua (2013)
Maybelline Boxer Blue (2013)
Loreal JetSet 335 (2013)

Sally Hansen Spooktacular (2014)
Sally Hansen Riotous Rose (2014)
Misa Emerald Sea (2014)
Chanel Pink Ribbons (2014)
Hard Candy Scam (2014) FOUND 2016!
Sally Hansen Space Age (2014)
Revlon VelvetZing (2014)
I really aim to be much more organised this year for my 2016 list (whoa that felt super weird to write) and to start writing it and prepping photos as the vintage beauties come in, because I really feel like I probably missed a lot of stuff this year, simply because I can’t find it at time of posting. I’m actually going to draft my 2016 post right after I publish this one!

Here’s to another great year of vintage polish hunting! <3

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