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Top Ten Polishes I Hope To Find In 2016

First of all, EVERYBODY DANCE! PRETTY RANDOM IS BACK! We’re looking all sexy with a new blog theme and a new header designed by the lovely and talented Leigh Young. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen her work before, maybe you own a Pretty Serious polish and for that, we thank you. But more on the new blog stuff tomorrow. Today, I need to get on with the MOST IMPORTANT POST OF THE YEAR. Consistently my highest rated post every year (well last year doesn’t count because it was the ONLY post I wrote last year) but I know you guys love it so here it is! THE TOP TEN POLISHES I HOPE TO FIND IN 2016!

If you’d like to peruse previous years’ posts before embarking on this one, you may do so below.

2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015

Seven is absolutely a lucky number, right? So this year I am fully expecting to find some INCREDIBLE wishlist items. But before we get into what I am looking for this year, let’s take a look at what I crossed off the wishlist last year! Woohoo!

Essie Streamers – 2010 list.

Holy crap you guys, I CROSSED ANOTHER ONE OF THE FIRST LIST. This one barely scraped into the 2015 found pile, in fact, I haven’t even held it in my hands yet. It’s still chilling at my pal Alicia’s place ready to make its way home when she sends my next stockpile package. Streamers is part of a Japanese Exclusive Trio that was released in 2007 along with Confetti (which I own) and Ticker Tape (which is still on my 2015 list). If Essie Streamers tells you anything at all, let it be to never give up searching for your biggest lemmings. Because they’re out there. I’ve waited more than six years for this one.

Chanel Nirvana – 2012 list

I may as well admit off the bat, I paid a LOT for this polish. In fact, it’s probably now the most expensive polish I own, but given its rarity and how much I wanted it, conclusion: Money well spent. I did spend years looking for it and I don’t ever recall seeing it for sale, apart from this one bottle I bought. I can’t wait to swatch it and then maybe send it off to the PS lab for some Naileontology love.

Revlon Charmed 2015 list

Yay! Another old Revlon duochrome! I first spotted this one via Polished Claws Up and ended up picking it up in a huge lot with a bunch of other old Revlons. Not gonna lie, I did buy the whole lot just for this polish. It’s just such an odd colour – a rich coppery brown metallic with green shimmer and slight red duochrome. It looks like it might belong with Revlon Mystical and Mesmerised, but I’ll have to check the codes to be sure. The name surely fits!

Revlon From Russia With Love 2015 list

Another Bond polish down, one to go! From Russia With Love is a part of a 2002 Bond collection from Revlon and I am 98% sure that it’s also a dupe for Chanel Nirvana. Of course, I would end up finding them both in one year! I was actually lucky enough to not only find this polish, but the actual makeup set it came with, along with Goldeneye and Diamonds are Forever. Now I just have The Spy Who Loved Me to go. I have a feeling this is gonna be my year.

Liquid Euphoria Nirvana and Ecstasy 2015 list

HOLY SMOKES. I never thought I would own even one of these incredible polishes, BUT NOW I HAVE TWO. Nirvana came first, followed by Ecstasy not that long ago and neither of these would have been possible without my vintage polish fairy Godmother Carey alerting me to auctions because seriously, she’s the best. If you think Clarins 230 is the bees knees, these Liquid Euphoria’s will make you feel faint. I wonder if I will ever have a full set? I’m not sure whether there is six or eight in total. I do know that these were manufactured by Blue Cross and I also know that they are damn hard to find these days.

Streetwear Lava and Krypton 2015 list

Last year when I added Streetwear Krypton and Lava to my list, I thought I was absolutely kidding myself. I had never even SEEN Lava, like as in I had literally no idea what it looked like – and I had one photo of Krypton, which had been kindly donated by a reader for my epic Streetwear Reference Guide. But around mid-2015 I had the most insanely prolific Streetwear haul of my life during which I not only snagged Lava and Krypton but VoltageScreamy, Chilling, Alarmed, ShrillOxygen, and Hazy. I tell you, 2015 was a great year for my Streetwear collection.

Revlon SexyZing 2015 list (and SweetlyZing and MadlyZing!)

So when I tell you that my friend Carey is the best, believe me when I say it. If you EVER have a chance to swap with her, do it. You will not regret it. Besides letting me know when amazing stuff appears for sale, Carey and I have had a long-running swap happening, where we send each other the best stuff we can find. I honestly think I am forever in her debt because the stuff I have given her just doesn’t hold a candle to what she comes up with. (Oh well, more Tim Tams, right?). Tangent and honourable mention of a non-list item go to the FULL SET OF LOREAL JET SET CARPAINTS she sent me last year, but in the last package that arrived, was not only SexyZing from my 2015 list but MadlyZing too! I had never even seen or heard of this one before! And on top of that, she had already alerted me to SweetlyZing (another new discovery) from the same seller. Carey, you really really are the best and my stash would be nowhere near as impressive without your help and generosity.

So now that 2015 is done and dusted I ended up with a phenomenal NINE wishlist items completely obliterated! I don’t feel like I even tried that hard because I was so busy with Pretty Serious but I still ended up with that many! I honestly couldn’t be happier. Actually, I tell a lie. If I found Illamasqua Hiss, that would be my 2011 list COMPLETELY gone, and then I would be ecstatic.

But now that we have looked at the wishlist goodies that have made their way to my stash in 2015, how about some non-wishlist vintage bottle porn?

1. Milani Melt In The Sun 2. Sally Hansen New Lengths Satin Frost & Emotion Creme 3. Hard Candy Skimpy 4. Bath & Body Works Color Drops 5. L’Oreal Jet-Set Carpaints Cruiser, Rust-Proof, Racing & Vroom 6. Revlon Streetwear Oxygen & Hazy 7. Revlon Streetwear Glass Slipper, Pixie Princess & Moon Baby 8. Revlon Streetwear Chilling, Alarmed, Shrill & Screamy 9. Revlon Streetwear Voltage 10. Covergirl Peelers Peel Off Nail Polish 11. Revlon Streetwear Vintage Chic 12. Nubar Spells Aquamarine, Turquoise, Jade & Peridot 13. Cutex Periwinkle Blue, Snazzy Kiwi 14. Maybelline Ultimate Wear Brown to Green, Taupe to Green & Purple to Teal 15. Maybelline Ultimate Wear Red to Gold, Pink to Gold, Red to Copper 16. MAC Cuisine & Sailor Boy 17. Hard Candy Taxi Cab 18. Sally Hansen Zone Creme & Surfer Girl Frost 19. Urban Decay Freakshow, Strip & Sin 20. L’Oreal Rose Rising, Gilded Cage & Birdsong 21. Creative Nail Design Surfin USA 22. Naturistics Limelight, Twilight, Twinkle & Iridescent 23. L’Oreal Day Glo & Sea Violette 24. Covergirl Silver Violet & Arctic Violet 25. Covergirl Sparkling Top Coat Goddess 26. Forsythe Enchanted 27. Caboodles Radiate 28. Revlon Pink Star, Cherry Fling & Frankly Scarlet 29. Revlon Greenish, Thunder & Green X-Treme 30. Revlon Color Illusion Plum Flip & Mocha Mirage 31. Revlon Grape Flip, Lavendare &  Tranquil 24. Kirker (No Names) 25. Kirker (No Names) 26. Zoya Elise, Persephony, Belmea 27. Zoya Jenine, Jolie, Jordanna.

Geez what a haul! I think I need a new Helmer just for this stuff alone! To everyone who has helped this happen – whether you have gifted me things, linked me to sales or auctions or even sold me some of your own items – I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for keeping the vintage love alive and for keeping my stash growing. May the polish gods repay your karma thousandfold.

My god, is this post still going? YES. YES IT IS. IT’S MY BLOG AND I DO WHAT I WANT. It’s now time for the *DRUMROLL*


1. Estee Lauder Red Lights
(picture credit to Vampy Varnish)

I started this list post immediately after I finished the 2015 one and for some reason, this polish was first on my list. It’s an odd one, for sure. One lone little red duochrome in the Estee Lauder line. I think I definitely need it. If anyone can give me year or collection info on this one, I would be very happy to update this post!

2. Urban Decay X (FOUND 2016)

Oh man, this one hurts. I am so absolutely certain that I bought this last year. I can even distinctly remember holding it in my hand, but I can not for the life of me find any indication that it wasn’t a figment of my imagination. I never posted about it on the Facebook page or IG. It’s not in my eBay purchases list. I guess it just never happened. So I’m making sure this Urban Decay beauty goes on the list this year so it is not forgotten!

3. Revlon The Spy Who Loved Me
(Picture Credit)

I was lucky enough to not only find From Russia With Love in 2015, but in its original pouch with lipstick and eyeshadow no less! Sadly, the auction lot was missing the fourth shade (and the only one I am still missing) gorgeous pink foil The Spy Who Loved Me. These were released by Revlon in 2002 to coincide with the release of the James Bond film Die Another Day, which featured Halle Berry as a Bond girl. She was also a Revlon spokesperson at the time.

4. MAC Cunning
(Picture Credit)

I’ve actually been on the lookout for this old frosted bottle MAC shade for some time now. It’s just such an odd, gritty shade. Green base that leans brown with a red flash. Very 90’s. This polish was released in 2003 as part of the Femme Noir collection (with Ohm and Barest). I have seen this polish for sale lately at around the $65 USD mark but I am holding out to try and find it a little cheaper. For now, anyway.

5. OPI This Side Of Midnight

I’m really going out on a limb here. I haven’t seen any new X collection polishes in YEARS. As far as I am aware, they have all but disappeared. I fully expect this polish to languish on my wishlist for all eternity but hey, it worked last year for Streetwear Krypton and Lava – I summoned them and they appeared. So, polish gods, I am asking for OPI X09 This Side of Midnight, sight unseen. For those unfamiliar with the X collection, it dates back to 1989 and is full of greens, blues, and purples, most of which are extremely hard to find.

6. Streetwear Kinda Sorta
(Picture Credit Amy/Gigglemommy)

Speaking of Streetwear, I thought I would add another white whale to the list – Kinda Sorta. This was one of the colours released when the line was dying out. The bottles had been reduced in size and came in little pink plastic bags – obviously aimed at the teen market. Kinda Sorta is a teal glitter – much like Pretty Serious Grimm Demise, but you know me. I gotta have the Streetwear too.

7. Versace V2033 
(Picture Credit Fashion Polish)

I am absolutely kicking myself that this is still on the list. I have a handful of Versace nail polishes, and the formula is outstanding, but I had never come across 2033 in my travels. It was listed on my Pinterest ISO list, and a lovely follower alerted me to a bottle on eBay. However, me being a dingus and all, I didn’t log into my Pinterest for two weeks and didn’t see the comment, thus missing this duochrome beauty. Next time, it will be mine!

8. Hard Candy Jeanious – FOUND 2016

Now that I have Sell Out, it’s only natural that I go after the other green in the second edition Hard Candy line – Jeanious. These rectangle bottles are a little easier to find than the old square ones but still, some colours are rarer than others and sadly, Jeanious is one of those shades!

9. Sally Hansen To The Moon
(Picture Credit Scholarly Nail)

I’ve got an enormous collection of vintage Sally Hansen polishes, but sadly my intergalactic glitter collection (don’t google that, I made that up) is sorely lacking. I only have five of the eight shades and I am missing To The Moon, Gold Star, and Planetary! The lovely Scholarly Nail has all eight though, so click the link below the photo if you are prepared to do some heavy-duty drooling.

10. Revlon Lilac Beam 
(Picture Credit Scholarly Nail)

Finally, I have to have at least one Color Illusion on the list, now that I either own or have covered all remaining Zings! I did quite well this year, picking up a few more of these but I still have quite a few to pick up. Lilac Beam is a gorgeous pale purple duochrome from the second “Sparks” color illusion line, which will hopefully be making it’s way to me in the near future!

So there you have it – there’s my list! It’s getting harder and harder to fill these things, I tell you! But to everyone who has helped me tick things off, I am so eternally grateful. Pretty Random (and my stash) would not be as awesome as it is, if not for all of you.

Here’s what I am still looking for from past lists.


Revlon Black Strobe (2010)
OPI Yosemite (2010)

L’Oreal 290 Acqua (2010)

Illamasqua Hiss (2011)

Lancome Jazzy (2012)
Color Club Precious Gifts (2012)
CM Enchanted Forest (2012)
Nars After Dark (2012)

Orly Cool Cucumber (2012)

Color Club Black Widow Aqua (2013)
Maybelline Boxer Blue (2013)
Loreal JetSet 335 (2013)

Sally Hansen Spooktacular (2014)
Sally Hansen Riotous Rose (2014)
Misa Emerald Sea (2014)
Chanel Pink Ribbons (2014)
Hard Candy Scam (2014) FOUND 2016
Sally Hansen Space Age (2014)
Revlon VelvetZing (2014)
Sally Hansen Santa (2015)
Smackers Blueberry Blast (2015) FOUND 2016
Jessica Twilight (2015)
Essie Ticker Tape (2015)
Maybelline Planet Purple (2015)

Happy hunting for 2016!

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